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These replacement filter cartridges for the Reverse Osmosis System include the GRO Green  36-50 Reverse Osmosis membrane, with quick change twist pre and post-filters Q5633 and Q5605.

They are not similar to other standard 10" filters.

Omnipure original organic cellulose under sink filters that are compatible with some others like the PuRotwist Reverse Osmosis Systems.


  • Each filter represents a different stage of the water purification process. Pre-filters and post-filters in RO systems typically last around 8 to 12 months between changes, while the original organic RO membranes can last up to 5 years.


Stage 1-


Q5605 sediment filter is the first filter installed in all Reverse Osmosis water filter systems,

  • It removes large and fine particles from drinking water, such as sand, dirt, silt, and rust particles. This allows for better performance of all the following filters, such as Carbon Block or GAC filters.


The micron rating is 5 microns.

the dimensions are (9 7/8")


Replace every year depending on the water quality.

This filter meets NSF Standards and Regulations and is wrapped and sealed.


Stages 2 and 3

Q5633 Organic Original Activated Carbon Block Filter is made of fine coconut shell carbon. It removes odors and tastes of many organic compounds, especially chlorine. Because these filters are made of packed carbon (forming a cylinder block), they offer much finer filtration of suspended particles and dirt.


The micron rating is 5 microns.

the dimensions are (9 7/8") x 2.5"

replace every year depending on the water quality.

This filter meets NSF Standards and Regulations and is wrapped and sealed. 


Stage 4-

The Sealed Green Reverse Osmosis Membrane GRO 50EN - NSF Certified Thin Film TFC Membrane is the main component of all Reverse Osmosis Units. It is made with 100% organic fine thin film flat sheet and has a 99% reduction rate of bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals from tap water.

  • The micron rating of a thin film is less than 1/10000th of a Micron, which is 620,000 times finer than a human hair and 2,500 times smaller than bacteria, 20 times smaller than any virus.
  • The product features have a capacity of 50 gallons per day (15.8-19.6 liters per hour) and 99% stabilized salt rejection (minimum rejection 97%).
  • It is NSF/ANSI Standard 58 listed, and the performance specifications are based on 500 ppm tap water, 50psi (0.35 MPa) applied pressure, 77°F (25°C) feed water temperature, feed water pH 7-8, and 15% recovery.
  • The element permeate flow may vary ± 15%.
  • The maximum operation pressure is 125 psi (0.86 MPa),
  • the maximum feed flow rate is 2 GPM,
  • maximum operating temperature is 113°F (45°C),
  • maximum feed water turbidity is 1 NTU,
  • maximum feed water SDI (15min) is 5,
  • chlorine tolerance is 0, feed water pH range is 7 to 8
  • minimum brine flow to permeate flow ratio is 1:1.

4 filters GRO 50, Q5633, Q5605 Omnipure replacement filters

$249.99 Regular Price
$215.00Sale Price
  • GRO 36 - 50 or 75 Reverse osmosis membrane, Q5605 stage 1, Q5633 stage 2, and Q5633 stage 3 Replacement Water Filters, Original Organic cellulose under the sink, Reverse Osmosis System Compatible Replacement Water Filters include three filters and a membrane

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