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Active  website / last update 2021
Full set of 3 filters cartridges including the RO membrane for compact systems with pressure tanks and  countertop Inline RO direct flow systems - Buy online - Aquasky ROT-3, Aquasky ROT-4, PA-E RO 132 Reverse osmosis water filters replacement with membrane - Counter-top all inline water systems compact cartridges. This set of 3 filters for over the counter inline reverse osmosis systems filters.

( Please know , an extra carbon filter upgrade for this system is  not included in this set, you are placing an order of the 3 standard filters cartridges without stage 4 after the RO membrane)
stage 1-
	Inline Sediment Filter 2"x10" 5 Micron 1/4" in-n-out standard size.

stage 2- 
Inline Granular Activated Carbon T28 Carbon Pre-Filter 2"x10", NSF. 1/4" in-n-out standard size.

stage 3-
100% organic RO Membrane, 50 - 75 GPD.

Stage 4-

It's an upgrade and it's sold separately .
Inline Granular Activated Carbon T29 coconut Carbon Pre-Filter 2"x10", NSF. 1/4" in-n-out standard size.

Aquasky ROT-3, 4 & PA-E RO 132 Counter Top Inline Replacement Filters - set of 3

$128.00 Regular Price
$96.00Sale Price