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Brand FS-TFC
Color Green
Material Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Capacity 8000 Liters
Purification Method Reverse Osmosis, Ultra Filtration
Power Source Hand Press
Maximum Flow Rate 300 Milliliters Per Minute
FS-TFC Water Filter Strawro water filterwater quality demostration

FS-TFC SY RO-01 Hand press RO water filter is 0.0001 micron level filter precision. Best mate for camping hiking and Emergency purpose .Reverse osmosis membrane designed for TDS remove under Contaminated outdoor water .Remove dirty items larger than 0.0001um.such as organic. metal ion ,cancer-organic substance and other soluble salts in water .

Based on reverse osmosis membrane . Its most safty water solutions:3stage – sand filter head/Re-cleanable 10,0000L UF pre-filtration /Tds remove Ro membranes. Remove all taste and chemicals. Low pressure Hollow fiber membrane(ultra filters) and reverse osmosis filtration-it’s the most efficient outdoor water filter for salt water and TDS reduce.

RO membrane Technolgy -Produce Clean and Pure like Domestic RO system

Ultra Filtration -Hollow FIber Membrane

Sand Filter for Sediment & Visible Dity Items

Adjustable Drain valve for Waste water Ratio control

RO membraneufsand filter  headUnique designRO membraneufsand filter  headUnique design

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology, Provide Medical Grade Filtration, remove larger then 0.0001um, such as organics,metal ion, cancer-organic substance, and other soluble salt in water.

Other impurities and heavy metals are discharged from the waste water pipe. Usually, tap water or the same water quality is used as the source water. After RO membrane filtration, the TDS of pure water can reach below 10 (depending on the water quality), and the desalination rate up to 99.9%.ASIN:B08CBZTZ3Z

Big water flow & 10,000L life span , filter pore size of 0.01 microns to ensure the safety of drinking water Source .Protect RO membrane .

Hollow fiber ultra filtration membrane have lagrer space and lower pressure drop .Raw water movtivated by hand water pump suction .ASIN:B08CBRKY37

Filter visible suspensions such as sediment and floating material.

As pre filter for UF membrane.its small and light weight ,working as first stage to protect whole system.ASIN:B08CBRKY37

Unique Cap Design with built in Control Valve

Close for Drain water shut off .Open for Drain water Maximum

Ideal water ratio,Pure : Waste = 1:1.

FS-TFC Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System 0.0001 Micron Super-hig

SKU: ‎B087N3P6Q2
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