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Home Master ULTRA Filter Change Set for model year 2012+. The UV Filter in the ULTRA systems model year 2002-2011 has been updated. This set is for systems that were made in model year 2012 or have already been updated. In the box: (1) 5-micron inline sediment filter, 1/4" push-in fittings, (1) 5-micron inline IRON KDF85 and catalytic carbon filter, 1/4-inch push-in fittings, (1) 5-micron inline coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC) filter, 3/8-inch push-in fittings, and (1) replacement UV bulb for UV Filter 3, Instructions.  home master footer

Home Master ISet-TMUL-MY12 filter change set removes up to 99% of Iron, hydrogen-sulfide, chloramines, chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), pharmaceuticals, microplastics, and other contaminants that create foul tastes and odors. The replacement bulb for UV filter sterilizes 99.99% of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria - EPA Est. #97952-AZ-1. Three filters and one replacement bulb are included: (1) 5-micron inline Iron KDF85 and catalytic carbon, (1) 5-micron coconut shell granular catalytic carbon, (1) 5-micron spun poly sediment depth filter with high holding capacity, and (1) replacement bulb for UV Filter 3. Each filter in the set measures 10" L x 2" D, with quick-connect fittings. Certified to NSF 42. Cartridge lifespan: 2,000 gallons or 1 year as needed. Fits: Home Master TMULTRA, TMULTRA-ERP, and TMULTRA-ERP-L.

IsetTMULMY12, replacement filters, home master desHome Master Ultra, UV, ultra violet, sterilization, kill bacteria, viruses, EPA registeredEasy DIY installhome master logo

IsetTMULMY12, replacement filters, home master desIsetTMULMY12, replacement filters, home master des

Home Master Ultra, UV, ultra violet, sterilization, kill bacteria, viruses, EPA registeredHome Master Ultra, UV, ultra violet, sterilization, kill bacteria, viruses, EPA registered

Easy DIY installEasy DIY install

home master logohome master logo

Filter changes on traditional RO systems can be a real pain. They often require heavy tools, and brute force to loosen canister housings sealed shut by hardness minerals and icky contaminants. Home Master makes filter changes a breeze with push-in quick connect fitting - no wrenches required.

Home Master has discovered that using ultraviolet light filtration has many advantages in fighting microorganisms. UV light is more effective than chlorine in eliminating viruses. ISet-TMUL-MY12 includes replacement bulb for UV Filter 3, and operates at 17,000-mws/cm using intense light waves (254um). We recommend changing the bulb along with filters once a year for optimal performance.

ISet-TMUL-MY12 filters have a lifespan of 1 year or 2000-gallons. No wrenches required - thanks to easy push in fittings. Please follow the print instructions included in the box, as well as the helpful installation video for detailed step by step filter change instructions.

Change set is intended to be used on the following Home Master models:

The Granular Carbon Difference


Home Master ISet-TMUL-MY12 granular carbon prefilter benefits:

Home Master ISet-TMUL-MY12 Filter Change Set, 4 Count (Pack of 1), White

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