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New 1/4" automatic shutoff valve for reverse osmosis. The valves are constructed from virgin polypropylene using injection molding and very well constructed. The valve operates off a pressure signal and will automatically shut off when system pressure is approximately 65% of supply pressure. We have tested these valves extensively in our RO units and found them to be extremely durable and trouble/leak free. Inlets are color coded for ease of installation. Instructions included. All valves are tested at 60 psi water pressure, prior to shipment.

Connections - 1/4" push to connect 

Connection 1 (inlet/outlet) - Supply water from last prefilter to RO membrane housing inlet

Connection 2 (inlet/outlet) - Permeate out from RO membrane housing to RO water storage tank

Premium Axeon inline flow restrictors. Available for 50 gpd, 75 gpd, 100 gpd, and 150 gpd RO membranes. Install the flow restrictors between the "Brine" port on the RO membrane housing and drain saddle, for systems with an automatic shutoff valve. For systems with a permeate pump, install between "Brine" port on the RO membrane housing and "Brine In" port on the permeate pump. Directional arrows are provided on the flow restrictors.

For correct flow restrictor sizing, please consult your membrane manufacturer or use the guide below. We recommend a brine:permeate ratio of 3-4:1 for optimal results (i.e. RO water production and membrane life).  

Recommended flow restrictor based on stated RO membrane daily water production rate*

36 GPD = 300 cc/min - 350 cc/min

50 GPD = 350 cc/min - 420 cc/min

75 GPD = 550 cc/min - 800 cc/min

100 GPD = 800-1000 cc/min

150 GPD = 1000-1200 cc/min

Brine:Permeate Ratio*

36 GPD = 3.17:1 (300 cc/min) to 3.70:1 (350 cc/min)

50 GPD = 2.66:1  (350 cc/min) to 3.2:1 (420 cc/min)

75 GPD = 2.79:1 (550 cc/min) to 4.05:1 (800 cc/min)

100 GPD = 3.04:1 (800 cc/min) to 3.8:1 (1000 cc/min)

150 GPD = 2.53:1 (1000 cc/min) to 3.04:1 (1200 cc/min)

*Brine:Permeate ratios are calculated based on rated RO membrane daily water production rate (GPD). The recommended flow restrictor may vary, based on RO membrane manufacturer.

RO Auto Shutoff Valve (ASO valve) + Flow Restrictor (300-1200 cc/min)

$28.00 Regular Price
$25.21Sale Price
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