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How can I dentify My RO System Filters, Replacement?

Reverse osmosis water systems, can give you up to 99.9% Reduction rate of bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals from tap water.

The main and most important stage in all reverse osmosis systems is there RO membrane and all of the other replacement filters are there only serving and providing protection to that membrane, if the pre-filters fail to work due to poor quality, that means your RO membrane will not give you a 99.9 % reduction rate.

Your system includes 1 to 3 pre filter before the RO membrane that must be replaced periodically, The different filters represent the different stages that the water goes through while being purified.

Generally - Pre-Filters in RO systems can last around 8 To 12 months between changes.

in order to identify your reverse osmosis system you need to count how many filters on it !

  • (Universal shape) if you have 2 verticals and 1 horizontal it mean its a 3 stage system using standard size for the 2 verticals pre filters 10" x 2.5" which is first stage sediment filter 5 microns followed by the second filter carbon block CTO, the RO membrane is the one housing on top horizontal 50 - 75 gallons per day flow rate standard size for residential use 11" x 2" in blue

  • If your system has 3 verticals without any other filters, horizontal its also 3 stage system.

If your system has 2 filters verticals and 2 filters, horizontal its a 4 stage reverse osmosis system standard size with an inline carbon filter tight on top of the RO membrane housing

If your system has 3 verticals and 1 horizontal its also 4 stage system using 3 pre-filters and 1 RO membrane

If you have 3 verticals and 2 horizontal it means you have a 5 stage RO system